GOLDEN ALLIANCE COIN is a special purpose entity, registered in Switzerland, as a friendly to ICO jurisdiction with a single purpose to invest into GOLDEN ALLIANCE. TECHNOLOGY OF PRESERVATION AND BROADCASTING OF FREE FUNDS AND ACCUMULATIONS! DIGITAL ASSETS SECURED BY GOLD!

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Bonus for tokens purchased

  • Next seven days (05.12.2017 – 11.12.2017) - 15%.
  • Next ten days (12.12.2017 – 21.12.2017) - 10%.

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about the project

The project is implemented by the company GOLDEN ALLIANCE. Since its establishment, GOLDEN ALLIANCE has gained considerable experience in managing mining projects, which have received investments for exploration, evaluation and development of solid mineral fields, primarily gold, as well as for development and adoption of innovative technologies in mining and processing industries.

Field of activity of the group

The activities of the group include selecting and purchasing investment attractive facilities of subsoil use (enterprises, fields and promising deposits), implementing investment projects based thereon to establish efficient enterprises, managing these projects and raising funds for their implementation.


It is an up-to-date innovation project in gold mining on the basis of the blockchain technology.

GOLDEN ALLIANCE enables external investors to purchase a part of its profile by bringing it to market via ICO, as well as creates an opportunity to gain profit through volatility of token market prices.

The investment project is supported by the GOLDEN ALLIANCE raw-materials base, which includes:

Reserves of industrial gold of 7,27 tons (USD 308 million)


Gold resources 50,72 tons (USD 2,3 billion)

Composition of group assets

The group’s assets include fields with high competitive advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Reliably developed reserves of mineral resources
  • Developed infrastructure in the area
  • Predominating open-cut mining
  • And rather simple hydrogeological and mining conditions of field development

Opinion leaders


Aram Shishmanian

Chief Executive Officer World Gold Council

«Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven and recent geopolitical uncertainty has underscored the importance of that role. At the same time, bond yields remain at low levels, particularly at the long end of the curve, even as inflationary threats increase. Again, this draws attention to gold, an asset traditionally associated with long-term wealth preservation»


Robin Martin

Managing Director Market Infrastructure World Gold Council

«Blockchain could be one of several technologies that could transform the gold supply chain, helping to track gold across every stage of production from ‘mine to vault»


Charles Morris

Chief Investment Officer Newscape Group

«The blockchain technology that drives the BitCoin network has one great advantage – it is immutable, which means that past data can never be changed. As such, it is a point of reference that can be trusted by all. And it has big ramifications for gold. Using blockchain, modern communications enable gold to be redistributed round the world at the touch of a button, without ever leaving the vaults»


Mohamed El-Erian

Chief economist at Allianz

«A growing number of investors are recognizing the potential of gold to increase returns and improve risk-mitigation attributes of well-diversified portfolio»

Golden Alliance Coin

Registered in Switzerland

GOLDEN ALLIANCE COIN is a special purpose entity registered in Switzerland as an ICO-friendly jurisdiction with a single aim to invest into GOLDEN ALLIANCE.

Full rights to profit

Upon the results of the ICO, GOLDEN ALLIANCE COIN will acquire a 25% stake in GOLDEN ALLIANCE and will be fully entitled to a share in the company’s profit.

Company's mission

GOLDEN ALLIANCE COIN mission is to attract investments through cryptoassets in mining projects in various countries of the world.

Road map

2017ICO Issuance and selling of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA)
2018Investments in the GOLDEN ALLIANCE portfolio/ Exploitation of fields
2019Begining of repurchasing of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA)
2020Investments in the GOLDEN ALLIANCE portfolio/ Exploitation of fields
2021Repurchasing of Golden Alliance tokens (GDA)
2022Cooperation with partners / Exploitation of fields

about tokens

  • Token name:

    Golden Alliance (GDA)
  • Total amount of tokens:

    500 million tokens are issued.
  • Initial rate:

    1 Golden Alliance token (GDA) is equal to USD 0.1.
  • Fiat and crypto currencies to be accepted:

    US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), RUB, bitcoin (cash, original), LTC, ETH, DASH, NEO, Ripple, Waves.
  • Issue and transfer of tokens: Golden Alliance Token (GDA) will be created on the Ethereum block-platform using Smart-contract technology.

Distribution and bonuses

Tokens distribution:

  • 450 million tokens (90%) are issued for free sale;
  • 10 million tokens (2%) are reserved for bounty (reward for assistance in the ICO promotion);
  • 40 million tokens (8%) are for the input into the domestic economy, as well as for creators.

Bonus for tokens purchased:

  • First three days - 25%.
  • Next five days - 20%.
  • Next seven days - 15%.
  • Next ten days - 10%.

Issuance and transfer of tokens

  • 1.Golden Alliance token (GDA) will be created at the Ethereum blockchain platform using Smart contract technologies.
  • 2.Tokens will be available for withdrawal within 7 (seven) calendar days upon the ICO completion according to the Smart contract terms.
  • 3.If funds are raised in advance, tokens will be available for withdrawal within 7 (seven) calendar days after the date of this early fundraising according to the Smart contract terms.
  • 4.Upon the ICO completion, Golden Alliance tokens (GDA) will be available for trade at the cryptocurrency exchange.



Nikolay Tsyganov

Mining engineer with more than 30 years' experience in the investment efficiency assessment and analysis of the economic feasibility of field development, design of mining operations and exploitation of mineral deposits, commissioning of new mining enterprises, design of mineral deposit facilities (mines, quarries, factories) and an audit of operating mining enterprises; has worked in the Russian, Australian and Canadian companies.


Vyacheslav Miklyayev

Director of Geology with more than 30 years' experience in the geological structure research and ore field and deposit structure in the North Caucasus; Georgia; Tajikistan; Transbaikalia, Yakutia (Russia); Mongolia; India; organization of investment projects with large international mining enterprises, international Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development projects, exploration of Dolpran and Komator gold fields (Republic of Kyrgyzstan), exploration of 9 productive mines with open and underground mining systems in Russia, Kazakhstan, Guinea and Burkina Faso, creation of a distributed geological modelling and mining planning system based on SQL MS and Gems software, discovery and exploration of the Gross, Uryah and Buli gold fields.


Vitaly Menshikov

Chief Geologist with over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of exploration drilling for the purpose of incrementing reserves; Chief Geologist according to the company's concessions (zona Sur): El-Placer, San-Rafael, Emilia; the city of El Dorado, Venezuela, the discoverer of San Rafael / El Placer and Alvarez gold fields. Vitaly Menshikov carried out geological exploration work on facilities in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan). He worked on a number of uranium and gold deposits in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.


Oleg Pavlyuk

Director of Corporate Development and Legal Affairs. Lawyer, Economist, Director of Investment and Legal Affairs. He graduated from the Higher Investigations School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education RF Government-affiliated Financial Academy. He has worked in legal departments specializing at complete legal support of enterprises at various levels. Being employed by the group of companies, Oleg Pavlyuk is responsible for legal affairs management in the Company and its subsidiaries; for the legal protection of the Company's and its subsidiaries' interests.

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